KB1141 - Delay automatic logon warning messages

New in 2401, build 153, there is now an option to show the user if there is a problem with (a) the domain user entered in Safe AutoLogon is not on the domain, (b) no SALPS servers can be reached, or (c) the user entered in Safe AutoLogon does not exist on any SALPS server.

This message is shown for a default of 20 seconds, then the message automatically disappears.

The time can be changed to show the message between 1 second to 4294967 seconds (approx 49 days). A value of 0 means no message will be shown to the user. Anything outside of this range will default to 20 seconds.

To change the time the message is shown before it automatically is closed, follow these steps:
1. Open Registry Editor
2. Navigate to HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\WM Software\Safe AutoLogon\Settings
3. Right-click on Settings, click New, then click on String Value.
4. Enter this for the Name: LogonFailMessageTimeout
5. Enter a value in the range from above for the seconds to show the message before it is automatically closed.

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