Smart farm restarting with Rolling Restart®

No matter what size farm, what version of Citrix® XenApp, XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS, sessions or VDIs, physical or virtual machines, or on-premises or in the cloud, Rolling Restart® will get the job done with no user impact, no babysitting servers, and full reporting using fail-safe methods.

Windows Server 2022 Compatible
Windows Server 2019 Compatible
Windows Server 2016 Certified
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Citrix Ready
VMware Ready

Get the most out of Rolling Restart®

Rolling Restart® is the result of over twenty years of feedback from users, running it in data centers across the world. Servers are the lifeblood - you can't afford to run your business on a script.

High Performance

High Performance

Think restarting is as simple as a script running shutdown.exe? Think again! Rolling Restart® is written in multi-threaded C++, allowing you to manage as many groups and server as you need. #scriptenvy

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Powerful Reporting

Want to know what servers haven't started in the past two weeks? Or who was still logged on, preventing the server from restarting? No problem! Real-time and summary reporting is ready for you.

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Centrally Controlled

Remote servers are shown with their last restart date, you can manually change logons or restart, all from the central administration console. No configuration is done on the clients for ease of use.

Multiple Restart Methods

Need to have less impact on users and less admin babysitting server restarts, AND fit into your existing restart methods? With Rolling Restart®, there's no problem.

From the classic in-order to staggered subsets, Rolling Restart® has got you covered. It will even power-cycle any ESXi® servers running with or without vCenter®.

Servers sitting in a group with no one logged on during a restart schedule? If it has not yet restarted the server, Rolling Restart® will restart it. This helps ensure all servers get restarted.

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Essentials, Advanced, and Datacenter

Rolling Restart® comes in three different editions, depending on the size of your farm and features desired.

Essentials scales up to 25 servers,

Advanced scales up to 250 servers with all the Essentials features plus more features.

Datacenter effectively has no limits - it is only limited by the OS and network speed. It has all the features in Advanced plus multiple console monitoring and other features.

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Rolling Restart® is licensed per operating system.
A minimum of one Rolling Restart console license and one Rolling Restart client license is required. For example, if you have 50 VMs running XenApp, you will need 50 Rolling Restart client licenses and one Rolling Restart console license. The Rolling Restart console needs to be installed on a Windows Server running 24x7. A Rolling Restart client license is installed on each server operating system. The operating system can be a VM, with or without PVS or MCS, or it can even be a physical server.

Same as the operating system requirements.
Usage (console): 25MB RAM; 353MB drive space
Usage (client): 5MB RAM; 25MB drive space

Operating Systems, Citrix, Hypervisors
2012 R2

Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop
(6.0 through 7.18,
1803, 1811, 1903)
Citrix XenServer
(6.0 through 7.6)
VMware ESXi/
(5.0 through 6.7)
(2008 through 2019)