KB1135 - Extract MSI files from installation EXE file

Starting with Safe AutoLogon version 2202, MSI files can be extracted that match the operating system's architecture (x86 or x64).

To extract the MSI file that matches the OS architecture, this example has the setupsafeautologon.exe file in the C:\Temp folder. At a command line, run the following:

Syntax ("EXTRACTMSI" must be in all capital letters):
setupsafeautologon.exe /EXTRACTMSI:[full path to the msi filename of your choice]

C:\Temp>setupsafeautologon.exe /EXTRACTMSI:C:\Temp\setupsafeautologonx64.msi

If you want another architecture extracted (for example, you want an x86 msi file extracted), run the above on an x86 computer. The extraction will always match the operating system's architecture.

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