KB1125 - How to verify Relevos is throttling a process?

Relevos can throttle any process on the server. It specifically ignores system processes such as svchost.exe, etc. However, it is a fantastic tool to use for getting CPU usage under control.

One question we often receive is "how do I tell if Relevos is actually throttling my processes?".

There are two ways to check this.

  1. The first way is to view the throttling log. If you enabled logging when you enabled Process Throttling and saved the setting to the target server, then just click on the server from within Relevos's listbox (click on the server's group first, then click on the server that shows in the list). This will load data from the server. Then click on the View link on the Process Throttling window. Scroll to the bottom of the log file and it will indicate the files that are being throttled.
  2. The second way is to check the process's CPU usage in Task Manager on the remote server.

Note that Relevos will throttle the process and hover around the target CPU percentage. Because Relevos is not hardware, it is not a hard limit, but it should only vary between 0% ± 5%. This depends on may factors, but if the average is taken over time, the target CPU should match.

To do a test of the software, you can run "flatline.exe" at a command prompt within the C:\Program Files\Relevos folder. It is limited to 8 threads (cores), however. Version 6.2 of Relevos now includes flatline32.exe and flatline64.exe. Both of these will bring the CPU up to 100% no matter how many cores are on the server.

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