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Safe AutoLogon®

Version History

Version 2403.345
[+] If obtaining an IP address takes longer than 3 seconds, a graphic stating 'Waiting for network connection...' will be displayed
[+] If 'disablecad' was enabled on windows 10/11, SAL may not recognize it
[+] Misc internal and UI improvements
[!] Updates made to handle 'disablecad' enabled and Shift+(Lock/Logoff/Switch User)
[!] If only the username is changed while not changing the password, the existing password would not be saved correctly
[!] If entering DOMAIN\username in the domain field, the system would not login
[!] If Safe AutoLogon can’t find any SALPS servers because of a firewall issue, it could stop processing
[!] The About dialog box does not show information from the LAS server if port 21801 is being used in SALPS or RR, but LAS is not using it

New Version 2403.327
[+] Safe AutoLogon now queries multiple SALPS servers in parallel threads, resulting in up to 1100% faster password lookups. If there are any SALPS servers down, it no longer takes up to a minute per SALPS server to query if the server is down.
[!] A server may show up that is not in the SALPS server query list if SALPS servers are added manually and there are no SRV DNS recrods for _wmssalps. This can occur in PoC testing.

Version 2401.193
[+] Sending .salset files to Safe AutoLogon clients can now be done without requiring the client and console both be on port 21801
[!] Required update for SALPS 2401 build 207
[!] Misc bug fixes

Version 2401.153
[+] Added functionality to communicate with the SALPS server, whether the SAL client and/or SALPS server are using port 21801 or not, and whether or not either has a firewall on or off
[+] Added options to wait for the network to come up and for a SALPS server to become available. This helps with slow network connections, networks that can drop, and slow connections over WANs. Options are 1-180 minutes, or indefinitely.
[+] If no SALPS servers are available, SAL will now notify at startup.
[+] If the username entered into Safe AutoLogon is not on any SALPS server, SAL will now notify at startup.
[+] If an incorrect username is entered into the SAL client that does not exist on the domain (or local computer), there is no longer a blank tile showing on the logon screen. SAL will now notify at startup.
[+] Added a new option in the Registry of how long to show the message box if there is a problem at startup and automatic logon. See KB1141
[!] Query window showing SALPS servers may show the server queried as blank

New Version 2401.137
[+] Safe AutoLogon can get its license from a LAS server that is running on port 21801 with its firewall enabled
[+] Updated the Port 21801 assignment tool
[+] Updated the activation wizard to cover more scenarios with better descriptive explanations

Version 2309.327
[+] Password show icon now toggles between stored and hidden password
[+] Misc speed improvements at logon
[!] Hyper-V VMs now login with Enhanced Mode enabled
[!] Safe AutoLogon client computers may have given an error of HOST_NOTFOUND when querying the SALPS server

Version 2309.301
[+] More tightly integrated Shift+SignOut and Shift+SwitchUser with the CAD desktop
[!] Fixed warning at uninstallation

Version 2309.291
[!] Fixed minor activation issue

Version 2309.287
[+] Added the ability to hold the Shift key while clicking Start/SignOut (and Start/SwitchUser in Windows 7,8,10,11) so Windows will see the Shift key being pressed and allow the admin to bypass automatic logon (after a user already logged on automatically)
[+] Decreased time to save values when options are changed