KB1110 - Restore Enable Logons immediately before restarting

Starting with version 9.4 of ShutdownPlus Rolling Restart, logons were enabled immediately before a restart command was given. This was to handle a XenApp hotfix which would not re-enable logons that were disabled after a server restarted. Calculated out with servers running 24x7, there was a 0.05% chance a user would be logging onto the server as it was going down during this very brief window of less then a few seconds.

However, some administrators have requested this feature be disabled so they can keep logons disabled with no chance of a logon window. To meet this request, starting with version 10.0, we have added an option in the settings.ini file. Copy and paste the following into the [Rolling Restart] section of the settings.ini file located under the settings folder (C:\ProgramData\WM Software\Rolling Restart):



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