KB1119 - Moving a RR console from one server to another

If you have the need to move a Rolling Restart Console from one server to another, this method should do the trick. It has not been thoroughly tested, but it is what our engineers do when them move consoles for testing:

  1. First, install another console of the same version and build on the new server. The version and build must be identical.
  2. After installing ont he new server, exit out of the RR console and stop the RR service, both on the new server.
  3. Export the Registry entries from the old server to the new server from HKLM\Software\\Wow6432NodeWM Software\Shutdownplus Rolling Restart using regedit.exe Be sure to choose Registry Hive file to get the Wow6432Node path included.
  4. After checking the new server's Registry entries match the old server's Registry entries, copy the C:\ProgramData\WM Software\Rolling Restart folder contents from the old server to the new server.
  5. Finally, on the old server, exit the RR Console GUI and stop the RR service on the old server, and start back them up on the new server.


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