KB1116 - How to not have logons disabled before running a program after restarting a server

Beginning with Rolling Restart version 10.2, there are new options to run programs on remote servers immediately before a restart, or immediately after a server restarts. These parameters are defined at the group level in the console.

When a program is set to run immediately before a restart, logons are disabled, the program is run, then the server is restarted.

When a program is set to run after the server starts, logons are disabled by default to avoid any conflict with logged on users. Administrators can override this by setting a value in the INI file on the Rolling Restart console:

  1. Open the file C:\ProgramData\WM Software\Rolling Restart\settings.ini
  2. In the [Rolling Restart] section, add the key 'DisableLogonsBeforeRunningProgramAfterRestarting' and set its value to "0":
  3. Save the settings.ini file

Now the remote servers will not disable logons before running the program.

To set the behavior back to default, either delete the line above in the INI file, or set its value to "1":

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