KB1128 - FAQ for upgrading to Rolling Restart 12

The highly anticipated version 12.0 release of Rolling Restart® has gone GA. You can download directly from our website. Over 20 years of constant refinement at customer locations worldwide means you have the most powerful tool for managing server restarts. This guide will provide frequently asked questions about upgrading to version 12 from previous versions.


Previous versions of client

By far the most asked question revolves around using previous versions of clients with using version 12 of Rolling Restart console. The answer is yes, you can use the version 12 console with earlier versions of Rolling Restart. However, you will not get the new features in the v12 clients, such as showing the UTC time in the console. This was a common request for companies with multiple locations in different time zones/countries/continents. There are other internal benefits with the new client version.


New database format

Version 12 console uses a new database format. To retain all of the Rolling Restart settings, including groups and servers, you will need to do the following:

1. Request your LAS key be upgraded to version 12.0. Note: This step must be done and completed so no groups/servers are lost.

2. Export your settings from the Rolling Restart 10.2 console (Help/Export). If you have already upgraded to v12, ZIP up the existing .sdf database file in the C:\ProgramData\WM Software\Rolling Restart folder.

3. Send either ZIP file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. WM Software support team will convert the database from the old .sdf format to the new .sdg format and email it back to you.

5. When you receive the .sdg file, do the following:

a. Stop the Rolling Restart service on the console

b. Exit out of the Rolling Restart console software

c. Copy the .sdg file you received back into the C:\ProgramData\WM Software\Rolling Restart folder.

d. Start the Rolling Restart service

e. Bring up the Rolling Restart console

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