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Version History

Version 1905 Build 400
[!] On the console, viewing some remote log files couldn't be found

Version 1905 Build 360
[+] New product: Relevos Standard. All features of Relevos Advanced, except without CPU Throttling CPU IPC. It does include Memory Optimization.
[!] Viewing of logs from the console to remote clients was not showing properly
[!] CPU and Memory Tracking was missing from build 325 Essentials

Version 1905 Build 325

[+] New product: Relevos Essentials. All features of Relevos Advanced, except without CPU Throttling and without Memory Optimization
[+] Relevos with CPU Throttling and Memory Optimization is now Relevos Advanced
[+] Improved DNS detection and capability on multi-domain networks
[+] Reduced lag times if a server is clicked on in the console tree, and it is either offline or not in DNS. The status bar shows the correct message and the message stays until the end of trying to communication with the server.
[+] Added a startup screen to the console
[+] Updated Computer Refresh frame to show correct information on high-capacity servers

Version 6.2 Build 307
[+] Adding servers to groups can be chosen via Active Directory OUs or Security Groups
[+] Increased CPU Affinity for up to 112 CPU cores
[+] Updated adding a group dialog to allow groups to be chosen from OUs or Security Groups or manually entered
[+] Added a warning if no servers are in the list and the user tries to change settings
[+] Added a Priority form when adding processes with fixed priorities.
[+] Added a splitter bar for the console
[+] Relevos Console GUI improvements
[+] Removed paging notification option
[+] Relevos is now for 64-bit Windows servers only
[!] Updated compatibility with Windows Server 2019
[!] Fixed spurious error in the CPU Affinity log

Version 6.1 Build 1243
[+] CPU Affinity values can now be edited; CPU Affinity dialog improvements
[+] Servers can be reordered in console tree
[+] Added options to quickly select CPU processors
[!] In VMs with > 8 cores, the set CPU affinity was not running on the correct cores in some configurations
[!] Fixed the CPU Affinity for listed processes not displaying properly in the console

Version 6.1 Build 1085
[+] The 'Add Computers' dialog on the console can now choose computers from any Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU)
[+] Added a new Find Computer option on the console
[+] New option to restart Relevos services on remote Relevos clients from the console
[+] Console now saves the last tab the user was on
[!] 6.1.1009 showed 6.1.894 as client version in the console status
[!] Only the Relevos Monitoring service wrote out to the log that it stopped if the trial expired

Version 6.1 Build 1009
[+] New options for changing the Palette icons and Themes
[+] Changed custom process dialog to allow typing in the executable process to throttle
[!] Fixed hidden Save icon

Version 6.1 Build 894
[+] New Import/Export settings on clients to share settings migrate settings without using the console
[+] Added options for the ribbon bar on the console
[!] Updated subscription licensing options

Version 6.1 Build 625
[+] New help/explanations of the Relevos subsystems within Console UI
[!] Fixed slow memory leak in Relevos Monitor service
[!] Add Computers dialog was not displaying correctly

Version 6.1 Build 583
[+] Updated Relevos Client for Windows 10 compatibility
[!] Relevos Monitor service could sporadically use 10%-20% of the CPU when performing Memory Optimization routines - new algorithm brings this down to less than 2%
[!] Fixed slight issue with bottom tab on Relevos Client not fully showing on 2012 R2

Version 6.1 Build 405
[+] Added logon, security, and port for SMTP server
[+] Optimized Relevos Monitor service to use 75% less resources and smaller code
[!] Fixed client UI on some computers not launching

Version 6.1 Build 387
[+] Additional option for Memory Tracking so the termination of processes MB amount is separated from the notification MB
[+] Removed 100MB minimum on Memory Track
[+] Added functionality so if the Remote Registry isn’t running on a remote computer when the console tries to send data to it, the console automatically attempts to start the service
[+] Sped up processing of getting groups on large AD forests
[+] Show a message if Excel is missing for the log files
[+] Added more feedback when saving values to a remote server, to inform the admin if the values didn’t save.
[+] Misc UI updates
[!] By default, Relevos does not monitor SYSTEM processes; console wording changed to reflect this information.
[!] Pressing OK on the custom throttle page when no process was selected caused an invalid exe name to be entered
[!] Fixed Relevos Monitor service from closing in the correct sequence if the trial expired

Version 6.0 Build 1381
[+] Optimized throttling algorithm for more efficient threading
[!] Fixed licensing bug where a license could not be activated with LAS when eval and LAS were expired
[!] Fixed CPU Throttling service issues on heavily-loaded servers

Version 6.0 Build 1255
[+] New evaluation notifications for console and client UI
[!] Fixed a problem with XenApp 6.5 where some servers would not release our LE [!] Fixed the Recording function for CPU and Memory when pulling up data on Relevos clients

Version 6.0 Build 1031
[+] Added a 'Check for Updates' option.
[+] Include a PDF ‘Planning Guide’ document in the download to assist new users on how to use the software.
[!] Could not remove the last group in the tree.

Version 6.0 Build 1021
[+] Now Compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2.
[!] Advanced Process Selection dialog redesigned.

Version 6.0 Build 945
[!] Fixed the "code expired" error after pasting in a valid evaluation code.

Version 6.0 Build 941
[+] New Relevos Console provides central management of Relevos Clients. This long-awaited console consolidates all Relevos functionality into one user interface.
[+] New Relevos Client software user interface now only shows basic status and health information. All settings are now controlled at the Relevos Console.
[+] Servers can now be placed into logical groups on the Relevos Console, facilitating the ease of configuring multiple servers with similar settings.
[+] Remote install of Relevos Client software from the Relevos Console.
[+] Centrally control all settings from one computer.
[+] Active Directory integration means computers and users can be added to the Relevos Console from Active Directory groups.

Version 5.2 Build 2405
[+] Misc UI changes

Version 5.2 Build 2396
[+] Added a switch to exclude all SYSTEM processes.
[+] Added the Print Spooler to the list of built-in processes to not manage.
[!] Fixed minor inconsistencies in processes exclusions and process throttling.

Version 5.1 Build 1217
[!] Fixed problem of service starting if computer name > 15 characters.

Version 5.1 Build 1173
[!] Fixed issue where an activated license would become deactivated, or if there is no DNS Suffix set on the computer, and thus could not be activated with the LAS.

Version 5.1 Build 1026
[+] Added a Default button for Advanced CPU Throttling to return to default values.
[+] Enhanced the ability to tweak the throttling algorithm.
[+] Email notifications are now simplified to setup.
[+] CPU and Memory Usage notification emails now show the originating server in the subject.
[+] Added logging of user disconnects/reconnects.
[+] Retuned and optimized the throttling algorithm.
[!] An error could happen in the UI's Advanced dialogs.
[!] The IPC algorithm was not changing priority.
[!] Some applications were not being ignored when listed.
[!] If multiple emails were listed for notification, none of them were getting notified.
[!] Misc UI tweaks and fixes

Version 5.1 Build 684
[+] Integration with WM Software License Administration Server.
[+] Added option to export files for WM Software technical support.
[+] Web/email links in dialog boxes now work as expected.

Version 5.0 Build 1282
[+] Servers can now be centrally managed through replication of settings to other Relevos servers.
[+] Added the feature to manage another Relevos server from another server.
[+] Improved loading time of UI [!] Some processes did not get their priority changed on Windows 2008 R2.
[!] Memory optimization was not occurring for the 2nd isolated process in the list.
[!] Fixed issue where some computers may not be able to read the log files into Excel.