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Patents and Trademarks

The name WM Software is synonymous with high-quality computer software. Every day, products written by WM Software run on some of the largest corporations' servers and desktops throughout the world. WM Software maintains its marks to ensure its products are distinguishable from other products.

A trademark is a word, name, design, or phrase that identifies a product and distinguishes it from other companies and other products. Because of this, our trademarks represent the standards of excellence and consistent quality associated with WM Software products. Without trademarks, consumers wouldn't be able to distinguish different products or products of high quality from those of lesser quality. Trademark rights are acquired by the proper and continuous use of them. Registered marks are noted with an ®.

Copyrighted material

WM Software is the owner of all copyrights in its software. These copyrights extend to the structure, sequence, and organization of its software programs.


WM Software has patents and patents pending in its software.

Trademarks of WM Software

Current trademarks and registered trademarks WM Software Inc. owns are Relevos®, Rolling Restart®, ProfileJet™, Safe AutoLogon®, Safe AutoLogon Password Server™, and WM Software™. There may be more than this list shows. For a complete list, contact our legal department at