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License Administration Server

Version History

Version 2109 Build 845
[+] Misc UI updates

Version 2109 Build 841
[!] DNS server queried may not show in LAS console

Version 2109 Build 823
[!] Auto-activation checkbox was not synching with product licenses in LAS console

Version 2109 Build 815
[+] After activating, the software console does not have to be reloaded to ‘remove’ the activation controls

Version 2109 Build 811
[!] Activating the LAS was giving “Error 13 Type mismatch”

Version 2109 Build 801
[!] Internal misc optimizations

Version 2109 Build 531
[!] A remote computer may get an access denied when querying for licensing information.

Version 2109 Build 279
[!] Launch conditions now exclusively only allow the LAS to run on Windows Server
[!] Resizing console would cover top the bottom of the Configuration page
[!] Sending a test email when the console is first opened asked to save changes first when no changes were made

Version 2109 Build 273
[!] Starting trial the software could not contact WM Software activation servers

Version 2109 Build 271
[+] Misc UI field improvements
[!] With multiple trusted domains, the LAS server was not showing correctly in the LAS console
[!] Fixed incorrect message about expired licenses sent to admins
[!] Misc code improvements and bug fixes

Version 2109 Build230
[+] Added DNS SRV record query for LAS in the console
[!] More efficient and vastly less network traffic when querying for other LAS servers on the domain

Version 2104 Build 191
[+] Updated controls

Version 2104 Build 181
[+] New ribbon interface [+] Added multiple languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew)
[+] A new dialog for manually adding computers to LAS
[!] Dropdown for product ends the console application
Version 5.5 Build 108
[+] A reminder message now appears if _wmslas is not setup in DNS as an SRV record
[+] LAS no longer relies on SMBv1

Version 5.1 Build 95
[!] Enabled/fixed date sorting in LAS console

Version 5.1 Build 955
[!] Sorting of date gave error in LAS console

Version 5.1 Build 924
[!] Cleaned up locales that may cause an issue with displaying text in correct format

Version 5.1 Build 919
[!] Service may end prematurely if a subscription was about to become up for renewal.
[!] Tree view was partially hiding the status bar

Version 5.1 Build 911
[+] When a new version of the software is installed on the client and is activated with the LAS, the LAS now shows the version activated along with the date/time of activation
[!] Product license reverted back to previous version of client if key was a newer version

Version 5.1 Build 843
[+] Misc UI and service improvements
[+] Operating System Context awareness
[+] Formatted license expiration dates for each country’s locale regional format
[!] Fixed a condition that could occur when multiple computers query the LAS server simultaneously, preventing the licensed software from obtaining a license and thus stopping the client software from running

Version 5.0 Build 465
[+] More descriptive expiration emails when maintenance or subscription is coming due
[+] A time/date is now available in the LAS console to show when a computer activated a license
[!] Fixed error when pressing ‘X’ on add server dialog

Version 5.0 Build 327
[+] If a user is a member of the Domain Admins group, then the user is asked before installing dependency Microsoft runtime files
[+] Added a dialog warning if there are no licenses left while adding computers to the LAS
[+] Updated logging for more consistent information
[+] Uses the default application for viewing text files when viewing logs
[+] Misc UI updates and fixes

Version 5.0 Build 221
[+] Updated to work with new Rolling Restart Editions
[+] When a license is remotely activated, the console automatically updates itself

Version 4.0 Build 174
[+] Clients now update the version they are running when they activate (or update) with the LAS.
[+] Manually unlicensing a client from the LAS also removes the license from the client.
[+] Added Port and SSL/TLS options for emails.
[+] Updated the email sending program so there are no conflicts with anti-virus software.
[+] Email notifications for expiring Subscription or Maintenance now happen every 2 days.
[+] Changed “TLP/Standard” licenses to show the correct types of “Subscription” and “Perpetual w/Maintenance”.

Version 3.0 Build 1645
[!] Fixed minor issue with ADO on Windows 2008 computers

Version 3.0 Build 1642
[+] Added a username and password for the Email Settings server
[+] Put vertical scroll bars on Add Product Key dialog
[+] New icon
[!] TLP is now referred to as a Subscription License
[!] On 2012 R2, the Add product key dialog has an email covered up by text on the top
[!] Installing on 2012 R2 without sufficient rights did not install the SQL Server CE 3.5 SP2 properly

Version 3.0 Build 1216
[!] Fixed a case where the LAS database might get corrupted at installation with no prior database on the server

Version 3.0 Build 1085
[+] Added internal code to setup proper security on the LAS database at installation

Version 3.0 Build 1081
[+] Removed administrator-only restriction
[!] Fixed problem when sending emails out at renewal, the service might end, or emails with very large numbers in the number of days left
[!] Removed spurious messages showing when starting the evaluation of the LAS software

Version 3.0 Build 967
[!] Fix of UI on some servers not removing the "30-day evaluation" message in statusbar.

Version 3.0 Build 698
[!] Fix for writing to the log file.

Version 3.0 Build 696
[+] Added ablility of clients to run for a period of time if the LAS server is unreachable.
[+] Added a watchdog service for the main LAS service.
[+] Added a Check for Updates option.

Version 2.0 Build 1513
[+] Fixed email notifications

Version 1.0 Build 681
[+] Added notification to the UI if the LAS service is not running.
[+] Added menu options to the Help menu.

Version 1.0 Build 598
[+] Added email capability to notify administrators when their products' Maintenance/TLP is expiring.

Version 1.0 Build 486
[!] Fixed problem with dates on some non-US Regional settings in the OS.

Version 1.0 Build 306
[+] Initial public release. [+] Added a watchdog service for the main LAS service.