KB1121 - Setting up PVS or MCS golden images with our software

If you use PVS or MCS or similar technology for creating VMs from a golden image, our software is compatible with and works similar to other software you have installed on the golden image.

The Relevos Console sends the settings to the Relevos Clients where the settings are saved in the Relevos Client. From the Relevos Console, simply configure Relevos how you want, using the golden image running the Relevos Client, then save the golden image. When a new VM is created using the golden image, it will have all of the settings.

Rolling Restart:
Rolling Restart stores all of its restart methods and settings on the console server. There is no configuring necessary on the golden image besides installing the software.

Regarding licensing, in all cases of our client software, on boot, the software will license itself with our License Administration Server (LAS) software. The LAS can run on any server on your network, just so it is 24/7. The LAS software can also be installed on the same VM as Rolling Restart or Relevos console.

You can get info about it and a whitepaper on the LAS on our website at www.wmsoftware.com/las. The LAS software is free so you can manage your licenses.