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Highlighted ​Products

Signoff single click shutdown/sleep/logoff/restart a Windows 8/7/XP computer. Set a time to do these automatically, and optionally bring back the traditional Windows Shutdown dialog box! 

Safe AutoLogon provides safe and secure automatic logon for Windows 8, 7, ans XP. Great for home and also hospitals, libraries, kiosks, warehouses, classrooms, or office computers. Follows HIPAA compliance and enforces password policies.

for Terminal Servers

Relevos Dynamic CPU and Memory Process Control software increases user capacity and performance, removing user delays.


for Terminal Servers

ProfileJet shrinks every user's NTUSER.DAT file, up to 95%! It shrinks roaming profiles and prevents corrupted roaming profiles.

for Terminal Servers

Rolling Restart doesn't impact end users when restarting. It's must-have for 24/7 XenApp, Propalms TSE, or terminal server farms!