How to activate your Signoff license

Once you purchase Signoff, you can activate it so it will run beyond its 14-day evaluation. Follow these steps to activate the software:

1. You must first enter your email address to begin using the software. Enter your email address, then press Next:

2. Enter the code that you receive in the email and press Next:

3. After the software is running for 14 days, it will stop running. You can then purchase a license to use it on your computer. After you purchase the license, choose Purchase from the splash screen, or right-click on the icon in the task tray and left-click the Activate icon:

4. Walk through the Activation Wizard, choose Activate License:

5. Enter the ID and Password sent to you after you purchased the software, then press Next.

6. You'll get a successful activation screen. Enjoy the software!



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