How to create an SRV Record in DNS for LAS

(This also applies for the Safe AutoLogon Password Server software)

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An administrator needs to manually create an SRV record in their DNS Server to publishes the availability of the License Administration Server (LAS) host to WM Software client and server software products. If you cannot update the SRV record on the DNS server, you can use the local hosts file for this purpose.

To manually create an SRV record in a Microsoft DNS server:

1. On the DNS server, open DNS Manager by clicking StartAdministrative ToolsDNS
2. Click the DNS server on which you need to create the SRV resource record. 
3. In the console tree, expand Forward Lookup Zones, right-click the domain, and then click Other New Records
4. Scroll down the list, click Service Location (SRV), and then click Create Record
5. Type the following information: 
    a. Service: _wmslas for LAS, _wmssalps for a SALPS server
    b. Protocol: _tcp 
    c. Port number: 3219 or 445
    d. Host offering the service: (i.e. 
    e. When you are finished, click OK, and then click Done.

To verify DNS is setup correctly, enter the following from a command prompt on a client computer:
nslookup -type=all  _wmslas._tcp 
nslookup -type=all  _wmssalps._tcp 



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