Enabling logons immediately before restarting

Rolling Restart, by default, enables logons immediately before restarting the computer. This is because a XenApp hotfix caused logons to remain the same, even after a restart. There is milliseconds between enabling logons and the computer restarting, thus preventing any new logons. However, some administrators may want to setup a zero possibility of a user getting logged on before a restart. 

To prevent logons from being enabled immediately before a restart, follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings.ini file in the folder C:\ProgramData\WM Software\Rolling Restart
  2. Look for an entry under [Rolling Restart] titled "EnableLogonsBeforeRestart"
  3. If it is not listed, add this line to set its value to zero:  EnableLogonsBeforeRestart=0
  4. Save and close settings.ini



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