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Centrally manage Safe AutoLogon clients and users. Do everything from install/uninstall, reboot, change settings, and set passwords. Redundancy is built-in for enterprise environments. Shows managed users' password age so you can keep them changed to comply with HIPAA and your company's internal password policies.  Safe AutoLogon Password Server runs on Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012.

  • New! Centralized management of Safe AutoLogon software, including remote install/uninstall and rebooting.
  • New! Centralized management of Safe AutoLogon client computers, contained in one or more groups.
  • New! Centralized management of Safe AutoLogon usernames, with Active Directory password synchronization and password ages.
  • New! Users and computers can be imported from Active Directory.
  • New! Usernames and configuration settings can be sent to the remote computer when installing Safe AutoLogon, eliminating having to physically changing settings at the client.
  • New! Password generator aids in user management.
  • New! UI allows easy usage on Windows 8 tablets.
  • Solves password management with single-signon systems, like those at hospitals where a different "workstation" logon is required before logging into the hospital's internal systems.
  • Password updates do not require Safe AutoLogon client computers to be turned on - those that are turned off receive simply the udpated password before logon occurs.
  • Minimizes TCO and administrative processes to update the passwords on client computers.
  • Eliminates password lockout when too many computers try to logon with the wrong password.
  • Uses patent-pending technology developed by WM Software.
  • IDs and Passwords are stored in an encrypted 256-bit AES database.
  • Compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Safe AutoLogon Password Server (SALPS) software is licensed per operating system, either running in a VM or on a physical server.

A minimum of one SALPS license is required for automating logons in synch with Active Directory, but two or more licenses are recommended for failover purposes..

The SALPS software needs to be installed on a Windows Server that is running 24x7.

SALPS can handle thousands of logons.


  Same as the operating system requirements.
Usage (console): 25MB RAM; 50MB drive space
Usage (client): 25MB RAM; 25MB drive space
Operating Systems
2003 / R2
2008 R2
2012 / R2




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