License Administration Server

Single point to centrally manage all WM Software product licenses

The License Administration Server, or LAS, enables license activation and management for the version and quantity of licenses purchased. It runs on your company's network on a 24/7 server and requires no daily intervention. It handles licenses for perpetual licenses with maintenance and subscription licenses. You will not need to enter a key for software products on your computers if you are using LAS for license activation.


  • Centrally manages licenses for all WM Software product licenses
  • A single product key is entered on the LAS at purchase, subscription renewals, and other qualifying version upgrades


  • Always run the latest version of our software without having to reactivate each computer's license
  • Get an accurate license count for all of WM Software products running at your organization
  • Eliminates IT staff time activating licenses on each computer
  • Ensures your organization remains in license compliance

Follow the Installation Guide bundled in the software download to setup the LAS software. You will simply need to add an SRV record to DNS to point the client computers to the LAS server.

License Administration Server is licensed for one operating system. There is no cost for the software, but it must be activated within 30 days of installation.

  Same as the operating system requirements.
(if your can run the operating system, our software will also run)
Usage:  20MB RAM (Memory); 50MB Hard drive space
2003 / R2
2008 / R2
2012 / R2



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