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What is Rolling Restart

Rolling Restart helping companies

Using a free script

Rolling Restart saves time and money

Is a free script really free? Are your admins programmers or do they have other important things to do? Scripts are unscalable, have no support, bring servers offline, waste staff time, and interrupt users.
Rolling Restart saves time and money

Rolling Restart recovers lost productivity costs

If you're not using Rolling Restart, users are impacted. The amount depends on the method.
Rolling Restart recovers lost productivity costs

Rolling Restart is

Its multi-threaded scalability and three editions allows it to handle all farm sizes and budgets. Subscription pricing is also available.
Rolling Restart is<br> Enterprise-Ready
Jonathan W. Jonathan W., Director, major NYC Hospital

We have too much invested in our server farm to leave a sensitive task like restarting to a script some person wrote in their spare time. Rolling Restart has been our choice for many years and I highly recommend it.

Mark D. Mark D., IT Director, NYC Law Firm

Rolling Restart saves us from getting a 3AM call about issues caused by a degraded, unrestarted remote desktop server. It keeps our farm healthy by rebooting our servers while everyone sleeps. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Matt T. Matt T., Citrix Administrator, Major Automobile Supply Vendor

I was using a script that I found to restart my servers, but I spent a lot of time modifying and fixing it. Users still got kicked off every now and then, and it didn't do what I wanted to do, so I searched and found your software. I'm glad I did!

Jeff D. Jeff D., Citrix administrator for a major worldwide law firm

We used built-in restarts, but our attorneys didn’t like getting kicked off. Then we looked at scripts, but it wouldn't scale and it was limited. In the end, we found Rolling Restart. Instead of interrupting attorneys working cases, now I restart the servers in the background and I can see everything happening. It’s a great product.

Jim C. Jim C., Citrix Administrator

Rolling Restart has reduced our XenApp farm help desk calls dramatically. We tried those reboot scripts, but they just didn’t work, or they were unreliable, and had no support. Rolling Restart is easy to setup and their support is quick and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend their products.

PDF Executive Summary - Costs
PDF Quick Start Guide

Not using Rolling Restart? Then you're probably experiencing:

  • Users interrupted through notifications that the servers are rebooting.
  • Maintenance windows that interfers with users .
  • Limited access because the system is offline during certain times.
  • IT staff wasting time configuring, debugging, and fixing scripts that can't properly reboot in the first place

Rolling Restart gives control and ease of use to your admins:

  • Professional, supported software that controls and manages restarts - it's not a script that blind-reboots servers improperly
  • Zero user impact - the software contains Silent Mode™ technology
  • It handles all sizes of server farms - with three different Editions, it can handle 1 to 100,000 servers
  • Worldwide installations - installations in over 25 countries 



Rolling Restart® is licensed per operating system.
A minimum of one Rolling Restart console license and one Rolling Restart client license is required.
Example: If you have 50 VMs running XenApp, you will need 50 Rolling Restart client licenses and one Rolling Restart console license.
The Rolling Restart console needs to be installed on a Windows Server running 24x7.
A Rolling Restart client license is installed on each server operating system. The operating system can be a VM, with or without PVS or MCS, or it can even be a physical server.
  Same as the operating system requirements.
Usage (console): 45MB RAM; 83MB drive space
Usage (client): 5MB RAM; 25MB drive space
Software (for the Rolling Restart Console only)  
  Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 (both x86 and x64 platforms)
Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 x64 (only x64 platform)
(these are automatically installed at installation)
Operating Systems
2003 / R2
2008 / R2
2012 / R2

Citrix XenApp/
XenDesktop (versions 5.0 through 7.16)
XenServer (all)
vSphere (versions 5.0 through 6.5)
Hyper-V (all)


You know you've got to get your servers restarted, whether because of 3rd party applications, drivers, apps that don’t play well with VDI, or for other reasons.

Companies want ZERO user notifications and ZERO user interruptions when it comes to server restarts. With Rolling Restart™, companies no longer need to interrupt users with notifications or maintenance windows, or even babysit server restarts. Some admins even resort to using a "blind-reboot" script or batch file, thinking it's a great way to restart them. But these don't do the necessary pre-restart checks and they're limited in functionality and unable to protect against future problems. How much time and effort do your administrators have to waste trying to control this necessary restart function?

Can you imagine no more notifications informing users that they have to logoff of the server because it's getting restarted? What about removing a 'maintenance window' due to server restarts? What does that look like to the user? Why can't the server 'not' be restarted? Administrators know the reason (3rd party applications and drivers), but to a user, things should just be running. All the time. Rolling Restart meets both management's request to not interrupt their users, and the administrator's goals of reliable software simultaneously - servers get restarted regularly and users have no idea. By using patented and patent-pending technology in Silent Mode™, users continue to work with no interruptions.Without interrupting users, Rolling Restart maintains your farm load on a minimum of (x-y) servers, where (x) is the total number of servers on your farm and (y) is the total groups in Rolling Restart. Before automatically taking out one server per group, you can fine tune when a server is taken out of a group, define when a server is actually ready to restart, and many other options - not just watching logged on users!

Technical Information
You can separate servers into one or more groups and then have them restart in order, to their own individual schedule, or simultaneously. Rolling Restart can even power-cycle (shutdown, then power on from a previous state) VMs running on ESXi whether by MCS or CPS. Users never know servers are restarting. Servers are organized in groups, with each group having one of multiple restart patterns (single queue, multiple queues, simultaneously, or per individual server), a once or repeating schedule, and restarts can even be kept within a timeframe.

Rolling Restart eschews the inadequacies and problems with using and maintaining scripts. Built-in policy restart options and scripts all eventually call shutdown.exe, tsshutdown.exe, or an API. They can be called with a script, but a script’s problems and limitations make it a very bad idea! Many of our customers used to use a script until it was impossible to use because they were always managing it. Restarting with scripts is called a “blind restart”, because it carries out a simple restart function while it aimlessly marches along - while you hope for the best after the time spent programming it!

Or are you dragging your servers to an "offline" group while you wait for users to bleed off so you can restart the server? How much time do you have to babysit users and servers? Rolling Restart will take care of everything for you.

The software comes with full notification and statistics and supports all versions of Windows Servers (2003 thru 2012 R2) and is Citrix Ready for all versions of XenApp (5.0 thru 7.5). There's also a Farm Calculator to determine how many groups you need given your time restraints, the amount of servers you have, and how often you want each server to be restarted. 



Differences between the Editions of Rolling Restart

Feature Essentials Edition Advanced Edition Datacenter Edition
Types of processing Restart Restart, Shutdown,
or Power-cycle
Restart, Shutdown,
or Power-cycle
Auto-restart servers with no users if waiting on another server N Y Y
Console Maximum Total Group Capacity 5 25 unlimited
Console Maximum Total Server Capacity 25 250 unlimited
Enforce an end time for processing N Y Y
Before Group Processing      
Change the logon state of all servers N Y Y
Stop services on all servers N Y Y
Run custom commands on client servers N Y Y
If a service doesn't start, stop processing further servers N Y Y
After Group Processing      
Start services on all servers N Y Y
Turn off notifications for a particular group(s) N Y Y
Notify servers that haven't restarted in a certain number of days N N Y
(All other features appear in all editions)      




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