Increase Citrix and RDS farm capacity without buying more servers.
Control server processes, don't just influence them.

Relevos is for

Relevos has helped

Using built-in Citrix CPU tools?

Increase user density per server

Don't throw more servers or segment users because of user capacity problems. Relevos costs much less than adding servers with better user experiences.
Increase user density per server

Give users the best experience

Ensures no process consumes the CPU or Memory to the point of when it starts affecting other users.
Give users the best experience

Frees time

Administrators no longer need to segment farm servers or move users to separate servers.
Frees time

Relevos is true CPU Throttling software for Remote Desktop Servers running XenApp, Thinspace TSE, or other 3rd party software. Relevos uses WM Software's patented technology, ensuring no process impacts other users. Benefits are seen immediately after installation, and it can be fine-tuned to single-out certain processes or users. A central management console controls settings for all Relevos clients. Relevos is completely different from XenApp's CPU Utilization and Optimization services, and as such, Relevos runs with them. Add value to your servers by spending less time fighting fires and more time designing and supporting solutions for your company. Relevos supports all Windows Server versions, 2003 through 2012 R2, and XenApp 5.0 through 7.5, Thinspace TSE, and also base Remote Desktop Services. Relevos is Citrix Ready for XenApp and XenServer, it's VMware Certified for ESXi, and is Oracle VM and Hyper-V compatible. Licensing is done per operating system it's running on, whether in a VM or on a physical server.

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Relevos software is licensed per server operating system, either running in a VM or on a physical server.

A minimum of one Relevos console license is required. Additional computers are controlled with client licenses. We recommend one Relevos console for each 256 servers.
Example: If you have 25 VMs running XenApp, you will need 24 Relevos client licenses + 1 Relevos console license.

The Relevos console needs to be installed on a Windows Server that is running 24x7.
A Relevos client license is installed in each server client operating system. The operating system can be a VM with or without PVS or MCS, or it can be a physical server.

  Same as the operating system requirements.
Usage (management console): 25 MB RAM; 50MB drive space
Usage (client): 25MB RAM; 25MB drive space
Operating Systems
2003 / R2
2008 / R2
2012 / R2

Citrix XenApp/
XenDesktop (5.0-7.6),
Presentation Server 4.5




Citrix Ready

VMware Ready


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