Single click shutdown/sleep/logoff/restart for your Windows 8/8.1 computer or tablet.

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With one-click, Signoff bypasses the many steps in Windows 8/8.1 it takes to Shutdown, Logoff, or Sleep. Schedule an event to happen at a specific time! It doubly provides a verification for the action you chose, preventing accidental Restarts when all you intended was to logoff.

And, as a bonus, it brings back the familiar Windows logoff/restart/shutdown dialog box!

Windows 7/Vista

Windows XP

Single-click easy Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, and Sleep. Prevents accidental Restart or Shutdown selection Single-click Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, and Sleep


An optional countdown timer will execute the chosen action for you. You can show the Signoff dialog or the familiar Windows shutdown dialog from anywhere: a tile on the Windows 8 Start screen (Modern UI), an icon on the Windows Desktop, or the system tray icon. Right-click the system tray icon to immediately choose an action. To help large companies deploy Signoff, our management utility centralizes installing, uninstalling, and changing settings on remote computers.


  • Prevent unintendedly choosing another option (i.e. Restart instead of Logoff)
  • Keep a single click Shutdown/Logoff/etc but still have a chance to cancel the option chosen.
  • Modify the automatic countdown wait time.


  • Ensures a server does not get restarted accidentally.
  • Enables a single-click action to logoff/restart/standby/etc on Windows® XP/2003.
  • A graphic now shows what to do instead of displaying text - object recognition is faster than textual representation.

Signoff is licensed per operating system. It is downloaded from our website and installed on the local PC or tablet.

  Same as the operating system requirements.
(if your can run the operating system, our software will also run)
Usage:  5MB RAM (Memory); 12MB Hard drive space
8, 8.1



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