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Think the built-in Sleep is sufficient?

How do you save energy (money) on a computer? The maximum benefit is achieved by putting it into a low power state after a period of idle time. Windows has this feature built-in, but ShutdownPlus Green replaces this function and defines idle actions based on working time and non-working time. Additionally, ShutdownPlus Green can be setup to take a different action if no user is logged onto the computer. It can even power on the computer in the morning right when work starts. These options will make an immediate impact on energy management for your computers. You can even manage all of the ShutdownPlus Green clients through its Group Policies file or by using our WM Software Product Management Console.

 Environmentally responsible software 

Environmental responsibility is important to us at WM Software. One of the best ways we can help make a positive impact on our environment is to help our customers' PCs consume less electricity. Being an Energy Star Partner assures you that WM Software solutions help lower your company's carbon footprint and save your company money. Read about WM Software's Green Initiative . 

To that end, WM Software's software products are one of many simple ways our customers can be environmentally responsible and reduce their electricity costs at the same time by automatically powering off the computer, either through an automatic schedule or by the computer being idle for a period of time. Often users do not turn off their computer before leaving for the night. ShutdownPlus takes this responsibility off of the user and IT department and puts it into itself, ensuring the computer is using minimal or no power when the computer is not being used, tailored to a company's corporate energy policy or standards.

 Saving money 
Your servers - you need them running 24x7. ShutdownPlus can help all of the other computers, the desktop PCs, which far outnumber the servers in most companies. The power savings of turning off just one computer outside the normal 8hr workday equates to reducing CO2 emission by up to 30 kilograms per year - the equivalent of taking your car off the road for 7 days each year.


Average continuous power consumed per computer


Hours on per day



kg of CO2 released (a)

Days of driving (b)

150 Watts







150 Watts







Take these settings and multiply them by the amount of computers in your organization and the compounded savings quickly add up, with an easy-to-justify cost/benefit model. This makes it possible for our energy-conscious customers to reduce their energy costs and save money.

 Green Features Available in ShutdownPlus
These are typical ways administrators can decrease their company's carbon footprint using ShutdownPlus Green

  1. Centrally manage ShutdownPlus settings for remote computers.
  2. Save "Profiles" that are sent to remote computers
  3. Easy ROI calculations; one month of using ShutdownPlus pays for itself!

There are a lot of desktop computer systems consuming a lot of electricity; if we can make a difference by helping to reduce the power consumption of just a small percentage of them, we believe we will have made a positive impact on the environment.

Large organizations with many desktop
computers can save money and be
even more environmentally responsible...


WM Software believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related pollution. We are proud to offer services and products that may assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR.



a: Assumes 1.60 CO2 pounds per kWh/Year. 
b: Assumes 1.60 Metric tons/year

ShutdownPlus Green software is licensed per operating system, either running in a VM or on a physical server.
It is a subscription-based license, which renews each year.
  Same as the operating system requirements.
(if your can run the operating system, our software will also run)
Usage:  2MB RAM (Memory); 10MB Hard drive space
2008 R2


According to a recent Harvard Business Study, 64% of computers are powered on overnight. Leaving a PC on overnight costs companies about $100 per computer, per year. ShutdownPlus Green has an ROI of 400%, and begins paying for itself in just three months! It's so seamless that users don't even know it's running, and it can be run on everyone's computer, from CEO to a common workstation. It meets both the goals of the company (power savings) and the goals of the employees (productivity) simultaneously. It cuts energy, saves costs, and reduces your company's carbon footprint; it also comes with a built in wakeup for IT patch management and is centrally managed. For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1.

ShutdownPlus Green calculates and shows you the amount of electricity consumed and Carbon Dioxide emitted by your specific computer daily, monthly or yearly and gives power management solutions that can cut both by half or more! This built-in calculator gives you immediate feedback on the CO2 usage and electricity and seeing how much money you can save.

  • Power management that works for everyone without disturbing productivity.
  • Built-in wakeup functionality for IT departments and patch management.
  • Pays for itself in just 2-3 months.
  • Centrally managed.
  • Saves money and the environment.
  • Enterprise licensing for companies.
  • Calculator for CO2 and Energy Usage is built into the product to determine the cost and CO2 of using a computer with and without ShutdownPlus Green.
  • Turn on or disable the automatic logon on groups of comptuers from one location.
  • Enterprise licensing is available with a discount, along with a Management Console for central management of computers running ShutdownPlus Green.
  • Easy to justify cost/benefit analysis model for any size business.
  • Idle detection can be enabled in a specific timeframe.
  • You can set idle detection to be active for Administrators, Standard Users, or both.
  • Works with all 32-bit and x64 versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003, and 2008 operating systems.
  • Certified for Windows Vista and Windows 7


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