The during options are what happens while the group is being processed.

Logoff Idle Users

In addition to third party software that you may have configured to automatically logoff users, Rolling Restart will also log them off.

Idle Time Before Logoff

This is the time in minutes the user(s) must be idle before they get logged off, if the Logoff Idle Users is enabled.

Logoff Each/All

Choose Each to logoff each user if they individually are idle for more than the set time. Choose All Change the logon state of all servers in the group to Enabled, Disable All, or Disable New.

Auto-process Other Servers

While waiting on the current server, if other servers in the group go to zero users, this will restart them without waiting until they are the current server in the queue. This is only available for 'In Order' processing.

Max Time To Give Server To Restart

After the Rolling Restart console tells the Rolling Restart client to restart/power-cycle, the console waits up to this amount of minutes until the server comes back online. If the time is too short and the server comes back online afteer the time period, other servers in the group will not get restarted. This field works in conjunction with the next field, 'If Server Doesn't Come Back Online'. Try and set this value to +5 min from how long it typically takes your servers to restart.

If Server Doesn't Come Back Online

Choose what to do if the server does not come back online. You can choose to continue processing other servers or to stop processing. This option protects against all servers in the gruop from going down if there is an issue on the network or with the hypervisors not bringing the servers back online.

Send Message Immediately Before Restart

You can send a message right before the server is restarted or power-cycled. This is only available with Staggered Restart methods.

Time Before Restart To Send Message

The time in minutes of how long before a restart occurs before sending out a message. This is different than the message sent to users in the 'before' options. So, you could setup one message to be sent out when processing starts, wait a length of time, then send out another right before restart, giving users time to logoff.

Run On Each Server Before Restarting

This is what program to run on the remote server immediatly before it restarts. The program must be present on the remove server, or in a UNC path. The program's path is relative to the remote server. If you use a UNC path, then the Rolling Restart service on the client must run under a logon name that has permission to the UNC path.

Run On Each Server After Restarting

This is what program to run on the remote server immediately after the remote server comes online. User sessions are kept disabled while this program run, then they are enabled to prevent users from connecting to the server.

Set Server Logon State After Restarting

Typically, you want logons to change to Enabled after a server restart, but if you want to set them as disabled, you can set this here.

If Server-Level Service Doesn't Stop

If you are stopping services on the client servers before they restart, if they do not stop, then choose how to process the rest of the group..This is only available with In Order group processing.

If Server-Level Service Doesn't Start

If you are stopping services on the client servers before they restart, if they do not start when the server starts up, then choose how to process the rest of the group..This is only available with In Order group processing.

Queue Looping

For 'In Order' and 'Staggered Subset Wait' processing methods, this option will run back through the servers that did not restart because users were still logged onto the server.

Loop Cycles

If Queue Looping is enabled, then this is how many times to retry servers that did not get restarted on the previous queue loop.








The after options are what happens after the group is done being processed.

Enable Group Logons

Turning this on will enable logons on the remote server after it is restarted.

Enable Admin Notifications

This option will send notifications to administrators. With many groups, this can be overwhelming; in that case, turn this option off.

Run Console Program/Script

This is if you want to run something on the Rolling Restart Console Server immediately after the group restart ends.


This dialog lets you define your vCenter servers. If you are not using vCenter, enter your ESXi servers here. This allows Rolling Restart® to communicate with them in power operations.

Add Hypervisor

Click this to enter the IP, NetBIOS name, or FQDN of the vCenter or ESXi server.


This is the username that is either has the Administrator role within vCenter, or 'the Virtual machine power user (sample)' role within vCenter. If you are using ESXi servers only, enter the username that has power rights (typically 'root' has these rights on ESXi)..


This is the password for the username entered.

Verify host

This checks if the username entered can connect to the vCenter or ESXi host. It does not check if it has the proper rights.

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