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Managed Restarts for Server Farms

For all Citrix® and Remote Desktop servers

Citrix Ready software centrally manages server restarts with zero impact to users.
Managed Restarts for Server Farms

CPU Throttling and Memory Management

For all Citrix® and Remote Desktop servers

Citrix Ready software that manages the CPU for improving user experiences and increasing user density per server.
CPU Throttling and Memory Management

Centralized and Secure automatic logon

For Servers, PCs, & Tablets

Eliminate double-logons to access backend single-signon systems and synch with Active Directory.
Centralized and Secure automatic logon
Recent News
Fujitsu relies on Rolling Restart to administer their complex restart environment
UL requires enterprise software to handle their Citrix restarts and chooses Rolling Restart
Shriners Hospital chooses Rolling Restart for their 24x7 hospital environment
Kaiser Permanente uses Rolling Restart to get restarts completed every weekend
Brookhaven Hospital replaced scripts with Rolling Restart to get reliable restarts and supported software for their Citrix server farm
Lufthansa uses Rolling Restart to manage its XenApp server farm restarts
Zurich Insurance relies on Rolling Restart for its critical XenApp server restarts
Royal Caribbean Cruises uses Rolling Restart for their Citrix server restarts
  • Rolling Restart
    Centrally manage restarting Citrix servers in a variety of ways.

  • Relevos
    Increase server capacity and improve response times.

  • ProfileJet
    Shrink roaming profiles up to 90% for faster logons and app launching.

  • Safe AutoLogon
    Automatic domain logon. Eliminate two logons for true single sign-on.

  • ShutdownPlus Green
    Stop wasting energy on all your desktop computers.

  • Safe AutoLogon Password Server
    Centrally manage Safe AutoLogon client Active Directory passwords.


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