Version 9.0 Build 741
[+] Location of .salset file is now saved for subsequent retrievals
[!] Fixed the SAL Username not showing up in the console

Version 9.0 Build 327
[+] Enhanced in-process encryption with additional encryption processes.
[+] Misc improvements

Version 8.1 Build 741
[+] Custom column widths now saved
[!] Restarting client computers could incorrectly show which computers were restarting
[!] Misc minor bug fixes

Version 8.1 Build 587
[+] Additional input method for adding sequentially numbered computers to a group
[+] Added ability to manually kick off the automatic password generator
[+] Help topic explains the rights the service account needs

Version 8.1 Build 525
[!] When updating automatic password generation for users, only the first and last logon names were updated in the list.

Version 8.1 Build 387
[+] New functionality – For remote computers, the password of the Administrator account can be manually and autoamtically changed from the SALPS console
[+] Enhanced functionality - Automatic password generation for Active Directory users. Usernames can be selected and their frequency interval can be changed. Password changes are recorded in the SALPS reports database.
[+] New functionality – Automatic password generation for the local Administrator account on remote computers
[+] New option to change/sort the order of client computers in a group
[+] New window for installing Safe AutoLogon on remote computers allows multiple computers, keeps the last used salset file, and monitors installation progress
[+] New option to quickly RDC to a remote computer from within SALPS for SAL clients and Remote computers
[+] Windows 2016 compatibility tested
[+] Added security for local remote computer accounts and reports, in addition to Active Directory users. This allows users with less security authority to still be able to send out username changes and remote installations with SALPS.
[+] New how-to document added within software to quickly setup a SALPS/SAL test/pilot
[+] Added warning if no DNS SRV entry exists for _wmssalps
[+] Added an option to reset all check boxes on dialogs
[+] Misc UI improvements

Version 8.0 Build 571
[+] New ability to add client computers from Active Directory OUs

Version 8.0 Build 408
[+] New Ribbon Bar gives easy and simple access to all the console commands
[+] New Reporting feature shows password changes, client logon requests, usage of SALPS by administrators, and many other reports
[+] New optional security added for viewing usernames/passwords and their modification can now be limited to a specific AD group
[+] Export and print options for reports with drag/drop flexibility in sorting
[+] Simplified the entering of usernames
[+] Password entering is hidden with a Peek option
[+] When changing passwords in SALPS and Active Directory, the password has its compliance verified with Domain Policy Password restrictions, if any
[+] Simplified settings pull/push to/from Safe AutoLogon clients
[+] Instead of restarting the console GUI on remote SALPS servers after replicating, a new Reload option is added
[+] Importing options for clarity
[!] Remote install option of Safe AutoLogon no longer shows an incomplete installation if a .salset file is not chosen
[!] Misc fixes and improvements

Version 7.0 Build 1365
[+] Updated replication to allow non-administrators to replicate between SALPS servers

Version 7.0 Build 1361
[+] Improved replication between SALPS servers
[+] Added right-click tree options for SAL clients
[+] Installation option for current or all users
[+] Now compatible with Windows Server 2003 R2

Version 7.0 Build 1121
[+] UI layout fixes when activating the software license

Version 7.0 Build 1115
[+] Data is now stored in an local double-encrypted database using 256-bit AES
[+] Added verification when asking to remove usernames from SALPS database
[+] Improved server-to-server replication
[+] Automatic importing of 5.x and 6.x SALPS data into 7.0 database
[+] Misc UI improvements
[!] Creating a group with a single letter that matched a group starting with the letter prevented the group from being added

Version 6.0 Build 451
[!] After activating the software, the red/pink eval bar does not get removed
[!] Fixed issue with command-line processing of adding and removing computers in groups in SALPS from clients running SAL

Version 6.0 Build 323
[+] Can now automatically replicate settings from one server to others when a change is made in SALPS
[+] Added ability to rename groups
[+] Added an option to save all settings from a Safe AutoLogon client to a file, which can then be pushed out to other Safe AutoLogon clients
[+] Added feedback (message box) to the administrator after pushing a salset file to one or more clients
[+] Non-admin users can now run the software on a server. This addresses companies that run SALPS on a network server and do not have administrative rights to that server, but still need to administer the SALPS software. In order to push settings and install software on remote clients, the user still must be a member of the remote computer’s Administrators group
[+] A new command-line utility is included (with SALPS 6.0 and SAL 6.0) that allows an administrator to push a previously-saved salset file to a local or remote computer
[+] Another new command-line utility can add and remove computers and groups from within SALPS. A code that is defined in SALPS by the admin is required in order to run the utility successfully.
[+] Simplified the installation wizard to only ask for the Safe AutoLogon installation file and the salset file
[+] For the command-line utilities and general saving, a code is now required. This prevents end-users from doing unintended adding or removal
[+] The Add Computer and Add Groups dialogs are now manually populated with Active Directory groups, saving time on large domains. Results are cached so the next time the dialog appears, it is quickly populated with the Active Directory groups.
[+] Removed checkmarks from the list of SALPS severs
[+] Column width of SALPS servers is now saved
[+] Querying the status of remote SALPS servers are running is no longer dependent on the current user’s security rights

Version 5.0 Build 907
[+] Added a new evaluation Welcome screen.
[+] Added a right-click popup for the listed computers in a group.
[!] When installing or uninstalling software, the log file was not recording the date/time.

Version 5.0 Build 854
[+] New graphics.

Version 5.0 Build 848
[+] Totally redesigned user interface handles added options easily and quickly.
[+] Computers that run Safe AutoLogon can now be managed in groups within SALPS.
[+] Management of Safe AutoLogon on client computers includes install/uninstall, reboot, and set/clear settings.
[+] Username and configuration is now sent to the computer when installing Safe AutoLogon. This eliminates physically changing settings at the client.
[+] User management enables users to be imported from an Active Directory group or a text file.
[+] Computer management enables computers to be imported from an Active Directory group or a text file.
[+] Client computers can queried to determine status, username, and other information.
[+] The password age of users can be displayed and sorted to help determine when to change a password according to company policies.
[+] A built-in password generator includes four levels of password complexity and length of up to 26 characters.
[+] All settings can be sent remotely to Safe AutoLogon clients.
[+] Many UI enhancements including type-ahead for fast searching.
[+] UI has been redesigned for ease-of-use for Windows 8 touch screens and tablets.

Version 4.0 Build 2402
[+] Added new menu options.
[+] Added notification to the UI if the SALPS service is not running.
[+] Misc UI improvements.

Version 4.0 Build 2083
[+] Updated message boxes for XP/2003 to new format.

Version 4.0 Build 1891
[+] Can now change more than one user account to have the same password.
[+] Usernames can now be imported from a text file or from an Active Directory group.
[+] Changed maximum users from 200 to 2000 accounts

Version 3.0 Build 1542
New product: Initial Release


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